Maasai Shukas


The ultimate East Africa icon, the scarlet cloak of the Maasai, which traditionally is worn swathed around the body and clinched belt.



It also serves as a warm wrap for women, a stylish scarf for men, a unique tablecloth or a stylishly vivid household throw. The vividly red shuka is intended to stand out in the bush and ward off animals.



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Blue with Red,White & Black Stripes, Blue with Yellow Stripes, Dark Blue with Yellow Stripes, Green with Red & Blue Stripes, Purple with Orange & Green Stripes, Red with Black & Blue Stripes, Red with Black Boxes, Red with Blue & Black Boxes, Red with Blue Boxes, Red with Thick Black Stripes, Red with Thin Blue Stripes, Yellow with Green & Blue Thick Stripes, Yellow with Thin Green Stripes


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